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Can I put both audio & video on the CD Business Card?
Can I get custom shaped cards?
How much information can fit on a card?
Can I record onto CD Business Card?
Can my CD Business Card link to my web site?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long will it take to get my CD Business Cards?
A:  Standard lead-time for orders is 10 working days from the receipt of your supplied pre-mastered CD Master.  If programming & authoring services vary on the scope of each project, contact your account executive for details on your specific programming needs

Q:  Is the CD Business card Cross Platform? (Plays in both PC and Mac computers?)
A:  Yes.  Just as with any standard CD-Rom, the cards play ability is determined on the programming and not the disc.

Q:  Can you print on the CD Business Card?
A:  Yes.  From 1 color to 4-color process screen printing.

Q:  Will the CD Business Card play in a car CD player?
A:  No.  The CD Business Card can play in any standard CD "tray" system, most commonly found in Desktop and Laptop computers.  The card can also play in most "top-loading" CD players.

Q:  Is the CD Business Card effected by magnetic fields?
A:  No.  The information is permanently formed into the disc during the replication process.  It can not be erased by magnets as audio or video tapes can.

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