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CD Cards - Size and Capacity Options

From a standard CD to custom shaped CD Business Cards

Many clients have taken advantage of a standard CD-ROM for promotional marketing and demos.  With recent technological advances in CD forming and cutting, virtually any shape can be recreated into a playable CD.

Our standard CD Business Card is a Mini-Disc version of an interactive CD-Rom. The standard capacity is 40 megabytes.  A Mini-Disc has a capacity of 230 MB, while a full size CD will accommodate up to 650 MB.

Business Card CDs

CD Cards

 All standard CD trays can accommodate both full size CDs and Mini-Discs.  A Mini-Disc is 80mm in diameter. Both the Mini-Disc and the CD Business Card play on the inner ring of the CD tray.

Your size options don't end with our standard CD Business Card.  Cards can be custom shaped as squares or even uniquely shaped figurines. 

Shapped CD Cards

Custom Shapped CDs

Are you looking for an extra-unique shape for your promotion?  How about a disc in the shape of your logo?  Contact our experienced sale team to discuss your shape and capacity requirements.  


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